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Carinthia Sleeping Bags

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New to Australia, but not new to the rest of the world, is the European sleeping bag and cold weather clothing manufacturer, Carinthia. Carinthia offers a wide range of bags suitable for climates from tropical to extreme cold, as well as bivy bags and cold weather survival clothing. With 25 years of manufacturing for European and Arctic Circle countries, Carinthia is the cold gear specialist.

With a range of sleeping bags, systems and supporting products, Carinthia has a sleeping solution for defence forces of any size. Carinthia can also produce sleep and insulating clothing systems to specification.

Synthetic sleeping bags

Using G-Loft®, Carinthia’s proprietary memory insulation fill, Carinthia’s synthetic bags provide excellent thermal insulation comparable to goose down, with maximum resilience, insulation and loft, even when wet.

Down sleeping bags

Still the best material by weight for insulation and compressed size, some extreme cold defence applications need the performance of a down-filled bag.

Sleeping bag systems

Flexible over a large range of temperatures, bag-in-bag systems are the answer to operations from the Tropics to the Arctic. Available in synthetic or synthetic-and-down combinations.

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