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Belleville Shoe

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Since combatants first combined to skirmish, the prime enduring soldier mobility system has been footwear. Poor combat footwear can diminish or destroy combat capability of troops faster than the loss of any other transport. Often the desire to save a dollar or two per pair can have long-lasting results on combat effectiveness. Similarly, a well-meaning but poorly managed development program can have the same disastrous effect.

Belleville Shoe Manufacturing Company has 104 years of footwear experience, bringing the latest in technology together with proven materials and techniques, to produce some of the most durable and comfortable combat footwear today.

At over a million pairs each year, Belleville Shoe is the USA’s oldest and largest manufacturer of Military Specification footwear.

Combat boots

Belleville manufactures a range of advanced and long lasting combat footwear for operational climates from the Tropics to the Arctic that are ready, right out of the box.

Flight boots

Certified as Safe-to-Fly by all arms of the US military, Belleville’s flight boots are the most comfortable Military Specification flight boots in issue.

Steel-toe safety boots

Now support troops can have the comfort and performance of a combat boot with the protection of a steel safety-toe.

Cold weather boots

Maintain soldier mobility and comfort in the harsh conditions around 0°C with waterproof, insulated combat footwear from Belleville.

Women’s boots

With differing foot shape and sizing, Belleville now offers several of its common models made specifically for women.

Tactical Research

Tactical Research by Belleville combines more than 100 years of boot-making knowledge with the world's most advanced materials and highest quality factories to provide innovative footwear solutions to tactical needs.

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